Vally Nomidou: Solitary Figures

Vally Nomidou Scultpure 1

These stunning life sized sculptures of human figures is created by Greek artist Vally Nomidou. The exhibition is called ā€œLet it Bleed.ā€ The work depicts female figures impressed with naturalness of their poses and beauty of volume. Nomidou constructs her works from the inside out solely using paper and paperboard. The outer skin is finished off with newspaper, paper towels, handmade paper and other materials salvaged from around the house, cut, sewn, glued and rubbed to achieve the realistic rendering of her subjects.

Her work is tender yet strong, vulnerable yet somehow durable, revealing yet hiding something, beautiful and terrible, all finding a true border of humanity. Nomidou brings the viewers in and allows them to complete the story for themselves. We began to wonder about their lives, how they became broken; are the fading or is it just a process of replenishment?

Vally Nomidou Scultpure 2\Vally Nomidou Scultpure 3

Vally Nomidou Scultpure 4

Vally Nomidou Scultpure 5

Vally Nomidou Scultpure 6


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