David Agenjo: Human Body in Colors

David Agenjo Painting 1

David Agenjo is a self-taught artist and a graphic designer. He was born in Madrid in 1977 and now lives and works in London. While having a brief career as a graphic designer, he now devotes himself utterly to painting.  He essentially concentrates on human body. Heavily influenced by color and texture, his erratic abstract work interacts with his more conscious figurative work process. David Agenjo always uses a secondary canvas as a palette which becomes the new surface for his next figurative painting. Soe of the paintings contain textural elements such as fiberglass, plastic bags or grid tape.

He has been exhibited in New York, London, Dublin and Madrid.

David Agenjo Painting 2

David Agenjo Painting 3

David Agenjo Painting 4

David Agenjo Painting 5


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