Victo Ngai – Breathtaking Lines

Victo Ngai - a clock

Victo Ngai is a New York based freelance illustrator, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Illustration. Growing up in Hong Kong, she was largely influenced by Asian arts and crafts such as Nianhua, Chinese ink scrolls, Lianhuanhua and Ukiyo-e. Now she is constantly being inspired by things she sees and practices every day. Victo’s work is filled with vivid colors and inspiring subjects displayed with a technical ability for detail and awe. The most favorite thing about art is its ability to convey emotions, communicate ideas and arouse empathy beyond the barrier of language. Her work combines breathtaking lines, colors and textures. The lines are mainly done with nib pens or brushes, and then she creates layers of textures on separated pieces of paper with various media. Finally, she has everything scanned, digitally colored and composed together in Photoshop. “When an artist is genuinely passionate about their work, the passion translates to the audience,” she says.

Victo Ngai - bathe Victo Ngai - butterfly Victo Ngai - heart Victo Ngai - life of pi Victo Ngai - life Victo Ngai - midsummer Victo Ngai - woman

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