Karol Bak – Mythical Women

Karol Bak - a beauty

Karol Bak is a painter, draftsman and graphic artist born in Kolo, Poland. He studied Graphic Art at the State School of Fine Arts in Poznan. After graduation Bak dealt with copperplate engraving and drawing. Later he started to paint on canvas and since then he has been obsessed with it. The artist paints using oil on canvas. He has been strongly influenced by mythology and different cultures. Karol is an admirer of feminine beauty, which is the central theme of his paintings.  Flawlessly beautiful heroines appear in immense space; they are angels, pearl-divers, and personifications of different elements; incarnated murderers (Judyta, Salome) and even death, Thanatos.  The artist tries to illustrate the woman as a spiritual being with her inner beauty, emotions, and thoughts.

Karol Bak - black feathers Karol Bak - blue dress Karol Bak - eyes closed Karol Bak - eyes wide open Karol Bak - golden wonan Karol Bak - headdress Karol Bak - portrait Karol Bak - scarlet Karol Bak - stranger Karol Bak - swan Karol Bak - whitekarolbak.com

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