Yehuda Ozan – Organic Forms of Light

Yehuda Ozan Lighting - a chandelier design

Yehuda Ozan is an artist and designer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He creates unique lighting pieces including a wide variety of wall fixtures, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lights, etc. Each work is personally designed and hand-made so that no piece is identical to another. Yehuda deftly combined his father’s desire for his son to continue his electrician’s career path with Yehuda’s own creative ideas. He discovered resin polymer, a substance that was very new at that time. He dedicated himself to moulding the material into lighting objects and today, each of his pieces is a one-of-a-kind ensemble of wires and lights shining through colorful leaves and blossoms. Chandeliers are made of a bunch of transparent flowers, leaves and bubbles, creating a beautiful stunning shade of colors on the ceiling when the light is on. Each of his work creates a sense of serenity and calmness even when they are fully lighted.

Yehuda Ozan Lighting - blue bubbles chandelier Yehuda Ozan Lighting - blue chandelier Yehuda Ozan Lighting - bubbles lamp Yehuda Ozan Lighting - chandelier autumnal Yehuda Ozan Lighting - flowers Yehuda Ozan Lighting - green leaves chandelier Yehuda Ozan Lighting - red flowers chandelier Yehuda Ozan Lighting - violet bubbles chandelier

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