Chaotic Atmospheres – Shapes in Nature

Chaotic Atmospheres - art

Istvan, known as Chaotic Atmospheres is a self-taught 3D artist and illustrator based in Geneva, Switzerland. He creates truly stunning work, unique in shapes and forms. When Istvan started uploading his personal work, he had no idea if it would be appreciated. “I feared remaining invisible – lost among artists more talented than me,” he says. But people started to send him positive messages, full of love and consideration, which encouraged him to keep on. These pieces are from his personal project “Shapes in Nature,” exploring eroded terrains. “The goal of the project was to find a good way to import terrains from World Machine into VUE.” Math helps the artist understand nature. For him, this allows to represent nature digitally. The look is different  – not totally natural, not completely digital – but the feeling is always familiar in his works.

Chaotic Atmospheres - cone Chaotic Atmospheres - Cube Chaotic Atmospheres - cylinder Chaotic Atmospheres - plane Chaotic Atmospheres - sphere Chaotic Atmospheres - torus

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