Yuko Takada Keller’s Pure World

Yuko Takada - Spring Breeze

Yuko Takada Keller is a Japanese Paper Artist based in Denmark. Yuko began her creative career designing and making woolen tapestries. She started using traditional Japanese “washi” paper but felt it didn’t have the level of transparency she desired.  Then she ran into tracing paper which gave her the effect she was looking for. While making 2-dimensional works with tracing paper, she wanted to make pieces that were more 3-dimensional. She wanted to install her work in a space, not only hanging on a wall. Yuko cuts up small triangular pieces of tracing paper that she says, symbolises a molecule of water, light or air. She is drawn towards pointillism and finds inspiration from this technique when creating these truly ethereal paper installations. Her works remind the viewer of something pure and natural in this world.

Yuko Takada - Spring Sea

Yuko Takada 1

Yuko Takada - Reflect

Yuko Takada - Expect

Yuko Takada - Dance

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