A Daily Dish by Klari Reis

Klari Reis 4.23.15

In her latest project “A Daily Dish” Klari Reis paints a petri dish every day. “Klari uses the tools and techniques of science in her creative process, constantly experimenting with new ways to apply materials and methods. She is driven by curiosity and her desire to explore and document the natural and unnatural with a sense of wonder and joy.” (via beautifuldecay)

Klari Reis 4.8.15 Klari Reis 4.19.15 Klari Reis 4.15.15 Klari Reis 4.25.15 Klari Reis 4.24.15 Klari Reis 4.5.15 Klari Reis 4.28.15 Klari Reis 4.27.15

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