Alain Bellino – Flowers Staring At You

Alain Bellino - a pair of blue eyes

Alain Bellino is an amazing sculptor residing in Nice, France. He creates flawlessly detailed metal sculptures using a number of leftover metal pieces. Bellino saves and restores a variety of old items such as chandeliers, spoons, forks, doorknobs, etc. Alain’s creations are truly fascinating and weird at the same time. There are many highly detailed skulls among his artworks, looking very conspicuous and inspiring. The sculptor has also created these exquisitely grotesque flowers with widely opened blue eyes, fascinating the viewer with their alarming look.

Alain Bellino - castle Alain Bellino - dark white skull Alain Bellino - ego Alain Bellino - flowers Alain Bellino - gold Alain Bellino - skull Alain Bellino -

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