Ivan Prieto – Allegorical Imperfection

Ivan Prieto - a sculpture

Ivan Prieto is a young sculptor and artist from Spain. His sculptures are exceptionally thought-provoking and disturbing. The characters often have gruesome, stirring and grotesque expressions. Their bodies are often deformed, displaying the excesses of human nature and the repugnant ugliness that we avoid constantly. Their physical imperfection is a symbol of our mental deficiency. Prieto’s characters hide a universal secret that we are not able to perceive in our condition. The sculptor often places his works in abandoned places which makes them even more haunting. Ivan’s sculptures and the dark rooms create a kind of weird visual dialogue between the figures and their surroundings. The overall effect is just wonderful and attractively edgy.

Ivan Prieto - drops Ivan Prieto - ears Ivan Prieto - hands Ivan Prieto - larga espera Ivan Prieto - lo nunca visto Ivan Prieto - mueca Ivan Prieto - no pasa nada Ivan Prieto - searching Ivan Prieto - streetivanprieto.jimdo.com

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