Alberto Seveso – Sperm Shaping

Alberto Seveso - a portrait

Alberto Seveso is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator born in 1976 in Milan, Italy. He spent most of his life on the island of Sardinia where he became interested in computer graphics and photography. The passion for design started at the beginning of 1990s when he got fascinated by the graphic art of skate decks and the covers of metal band CDs. Alberto started to think about how to reproduce this kind of artwork.  He never took classes in design. “I think this job doesn’t require a degree, even if design schools are very important,” he says. By mixing colourful vectors with black and white pictures he creates surely unique and staggering style known as “sperm shaping.”

Alberto Seveso - beauty technicolor Alberto Seveso - beauty Alberto Seveso - David Lynch Alberto Seveso - floral Alberto Seveso - jim Alberto Seveso - oldskull Alberto Seveso - red woman

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