Vero Navarro – Haunting Atmosphere

Vero Navarro - an umbrella

Born and raised in La Mancha, Spain, Vero Navarro is a character designer and freelance illustrator currently residing in Madrid. In 2006 she did her degree in Fine Arts from the University of San Carlos in Valencia. She uses colored pencils and digital techniques, sometimes mixing both of them in her work.  Vero creates magical scenes and depicts a fantastic story within each detailed piece. Her mysterious characters carry a haunting presence which is beautiful yet ominous. The artist tends to focus on the human figure, elements of nature, and architecture. She is always looking for new subjects to explore and have fun with. She really cares about details and gives an evocative atmosphere to every piece of her work.

Vero Navarro - bicycle Vero Navarro - bunny Vero Navarro - dogs Vero Navarro - lovers Vero Navarro - midnight Vero Navarro - skull portrait Vero Navarro - strangers

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