Alexander Heilner – Aerial Wonder


Alexander Heilner is a photographer and educator based in¬†Baltimore. He captures aerial photographs of man-made landscapes.¬†“As a lifelong travel addict, I spend an extraordinary amount of time with my head alternately buried in a map, or pressed against the window of a commercial jet. And what I have come to realize is that these two practices are – for me – different means of channeling the same experience. When I look down upon the landscape from 39,000 feet, I am enthralled with how beautiful it is. But not just the “natural” land forms; I am especially drawn to the highways, the railroads, the bridges, and the dammed reservoirs – the unintentionally aesthetic marks of our advanced infrastructure.”


Intrepid_Potash_Mine-near_Moab-Utah1 San_Jose-California Redwood_City-California Shipping_Channel-Houston-Texas Palm_Jumeirah-Dubai-U.A.E. Cape_Coral-Florida1 Cape_Coral-Florida

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