Maja Topcagic – Freckles


Maja Topčagić is a freelance photographer from Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has a degree in mathematics and computer sciences. Maja began taking photos when she was 19 years old and was given her first digital camera. “I find inspiration everywhere I go. I imagine moments frozen and captured by the camera. Also, I write down my dreams. Sometimes an idea bumps me in the head, but mostly I find inspiration looking at the world through my eyes. It’s often something interesting, weird and extraordinary. My work is inspired by movies, books, music, videos, ordinary people and conversations too. The fact is that I do not look at the world like others, I’m a mix of mathematics and art.”

maja-topcagic-freckles11 maja-topcagic-freckles3 maja-topcagic-freckles2 maja-topcagic-freckles5 maja-topcagic-freckles7 maja-topcagic-freckles6 maja-topcagic-freckles8

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