Andreas Preis – Incredible Animal Crests

Andreas Preis - a try

Andreas Preis is an illustrator and graphic designer, currently living and working in Berlin. His skill set includes drawing, painting, illustration as well as graphic design, storyboarding, typography etc. Using his unique signature style, Andreas created an incredible series of animal crests. Working in a 100% digital workflow is not the perfect way for him to create something really special and original. So he prefers using a mixture of traditional drawing and digital art. Firstly, Preis starts drawing with pencils and fineliner pens. He then adds some colors and shadows in Photoshop. Besides this series, a lot of his stuff is black and white and people often want to decorate their bodies using his works. Andreas did some designs for his friends who were the first ones to get tattooed with his stuff. The artist sees it as a kind of appreciation of his work.

Andreas Preis - burn Andreas Preis - fly Andreas Preis - laugh Andreas Preis - mind Andreas Preis - wash Andreas Preis - watch

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