Roseline de Thélin – Luminous Beings

Rosaline de Thélin - art

Roseline de Thélin is a Spanish artist making stunning holographic light sculptures and installations. Her works are mostly inspired by scientific theories, quantum physics, astronomy, and the expansion of consciousness. Using scientific properties of light such as reflection, conduction, refraction and transparency, Roseline creates ethereal human beings that look like they are strangely hovering in mid-air. This project, entitled “Homos Luminosos,” or luminous beings, is a reflection on life, illusion and the evolution of mankind. She used a wide range of materials including mirrors, wires, chains, fiber optics and quartz crystals, to create them. The empty spaces between the light points create a loose definition effect that invites the brain of the viewer to fill up the gaps, co-creating the three-dimensional image.

Rosaline de Thélin - halographic installation Rosaline dae Thélin - kinetica art Rosaline de Thélin - light beings Rosaline de Thélin - light couple Rosaline de Thélin - lights Rosaline de Thélin - seating child

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