Antonio Santin – The Photorealistic Paintings

Antonio Santin - a carpet

Antonio Santin is a Spanish artist creating photorealistic paintings, depicting either stunning oriental carpets covering human-like forms or mysterious scenes with beautiful women in passive positions. For the artist, each artwork is not just an object but rather a gesture that should be “an escape from neutrality.” He uses a series of artistic techniques and methods to achieve a special impact on the viewer. He perfectly creates the illusion of three-dimensional volumes through a technique of shadow-sculpting.  In addition, he has developed his own methods for creating the rich textures of the carpets. The beauty is not the only attractive thing in Antonio’s paintings; there is a feeling of fear or danger, almost as if these carpets were covering the deepest regrets or the darkest sides of human mind.

Antonio Santin - colorful carpet Antonio Santin - curtains Antonio Santin - fall Antonio Santin - layback Antonio Santin - missing edna Antonio Santin - natelie Antonio Santin - sophie Antonio Santin - we rot Antonio Santin - woman

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