Noumeda Carbone – Disease in Forms

Noumeda Carbone - a pills sculpture

Noumeda Carbone is a French-Italian freelance illustrator currently based in Florence, Italy. She works mainly with pigment liner, ink, felt-tip pen, sometimes mixing hand drawing with digital instruments. Her illustrations are dreamlike and surreal, often carrying a bizarre feeling of being stuck in the ghostly world. An invasive and consuming sense of discomfort is a starting point from which her creativity springs. Then she tries to focus on the details she needs to give the right sense to the works. Carbone puts her emotions in her works: fragility, isolation, weakness, etc. She often uses elements such as birds, feathers and flowers in her illustrations. The artist has also made the series of sculptures called “Disease.” The constructions are made with pills of different colors.

Noumeda Carbone - black side Noumeda Carbone - pill headdressNoumeda Carbone - sculptureNoumeda Carbone - face Noumeda Carbone - hairNoumeda Carbone - hard patternsNoumeda Carbone - portrait

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