Armin Mersmann – Graphite Drawings

Armin Mersmann - an eye

Armin Mersmann is an artist born in Remscheid, Germany. His family immigrated to the United States when he was seven. Currently he lives and works in Midland, Michigan. His father was a successful oil painter who tutored and greatly influenced him. Armin’s favourite mediums are pencil and oil. The oil paintings often have an element of wood construction. Though, mainly he is known for his intense naturalistic graphite drawings.  As the artist says, his work has become increasingly narrative and the story behind each work is very important for him. Both the personal and collective symbolism is prevalent in these drawings. Mersmann is intrigued and amazed by the process of nature’s power to reclaim, so he tries to deal with his own mortality. “I firmly believe the success of my work can only be attained through the unexpected nexus of thought and feeling between artist and viewer; this then becomes the ultimate artistic collaboration,” he says.

Armin Mersmann - drawing of Andy Roggenbuck Armin Mersmann - drawing of Jessica Armin Mersmann - eye Armin Mersmann - old souls Armin Mersmann - three Armin Mersmann - transplant Armin Mersmann - tree drawing process Armin Mersmann - tree

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