Kim Pimmel – Perfections of Mundane

Kim Pimmel - a shockwave

Kim Pimmel is an innovator photographer and UI designer based in San Francisco. He takes photographs of beautiful things and compresses the imagery into videos. He creates eye-catching long exposure light photographs, combines soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create a creepy tale. Everything in these videos is made with physical materials and tools in his studio using only common technologies. Kim photographs each frame, controlling the camera with a number of homemade electronics. The images are completely raw aside from a bit of colour correction, they are not digitally rendered. “It’s easy to get tired of the things you see every day. But just look up on a street corner and you’ll see a new perspective on things. I’m on a scavenger hunt for the little jewels of perfection nestled in the mundane,” says Kim Pimmel.



httpvh:// Kim Pimmel - blue rigel Kim Pimmel - double torus Kim Pimmel - droplets Kim Pimmel - explosion Kim Pimmel - fireworks Kim Pimmel - ghosts of mendocino light Kim Pimmel - ghosts of mendocino Kim Pimmel - jello is mello Kim Pimmel - light skitter Kim Pimmel - lights Kim Pimmel - red compressed Kim Pimmel - UFO Kim Pimmel - voronic

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