Michal Fargo – Foam and Porcelain Design

Michal Fargo - a color design

Michal Fargo is a designer born in 1984 in Israel. She holds B.A. in the ceramic design and pottery from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.  She creates dynamic pieces from a foam cube with her bear hands. These synthetic mimetic vessels are an allegory of the erratic, changeable human life. Humans were surrounded by nature, different colors and textures before the industrial revolution. Michal says that nowadays all we have around us is colored, scented and engineered to the core. Fargo’s second favourite material is porcelain. She designs unique ceramic surfaces by using sponge models and dipping them into specially composed mix, which gives her creations a new kind of pattern.

Michal Fargo - blue mimetic 2 Michal Fargo - else blue Michal Fargo - else design Michal Fargo - else white Michal Fargo - else yellow Michal Fargo - else Michal Fargo - naive lampshade Michal Fargo - naive lampshades


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