Benigni – Short Animation

Elli Vuorinen - Benigni 1


Elli Vourinen is an animation director and illustrator born in 1985 in Finland. She graduated from Animation departments in Turku Arts Academy. Her first school short animation Benigni (co-directed with Pinja Partanen and Jasmiini Ottelin) has been widely noticed in the animation industry.  Benigni is about a “lonesome xylophone player, who finds a viciously growing tumour under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumour he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities.” A short is a combination of stop-motion, puppetry and 2D animation. The story is funny, moving, sad and astonishing all at once.

Elli Vuorinen - Benigni 2

Elli Vuorinen - Benigni 3

Elli Vuorinen - Benigni 4

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