Casey Weldon – Surreal Reminiscence

Casey Weldon - a moon mother

Casey Weldon is an illustrator and fine artist born in Long Beach, California. Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His artwork is definitely stunning and inspiring. He mixes classical fine-art technique with retro trash-culture iconography and the result is sharply focused surrealism with uncertain moodiness and subtle humour. Casey’s favourite medium is acrylics; the portraits are enriched with bright colours yet the characters often seem to be shadowy and slightly disturbing. The artist is often inspired by architecture, wildlife, traveling, pop culture and music. He has been using the usual terms like “pop surrealism” and “lowbrow” to describe his beautiful creations. Casey’s paintings aim to awaken a feeling of nostalgia within the viewer, though along with a sense of humor and melancholy.

Casey Weldon - bee headdress Casey Weldon - cat headdress Casey Weldon - cold Casey Weldon - girl with a cat Casey Weldon - lovers Casey Weldon - numbers Casey Weldon - trees and

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