Jessica Klingelfuss: Walden, Tribal Grace

Jessica Klingelfuss - a portrait of Taii Gordon

Jessica Klingelfuss is a London based fashion and editorial photographer. She creates truly divine images with intense and vibrant colors. She always selects uniquely beautiful and eccentric looks for her portraits. Jessica’s main objective is to harmonise several different visions into one fluid story. Recently she has made a unique tribal themed series named Walden. The artist says she was inspired by nature, providing rich saturated colors, contrasting backgrounds, and natural light. For Walden, she was especially fascinated by the forest they shot in, as the light was always changing and perfect; it was quiet and full of life at the same time. The result is just amazing, vivacious and full of tribal grace.

Jessica Klingelfuss - blue hair Jessica Klingelfuss - colorful Jessica Klingelfuss - dark lips Jessica Klingelfuss - grass dress Jessica Klingelfuss - new romantics Jessica Klingelfuss - Taii tribal shot Jessica Klingelfuss - tribal

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