Daehyun Kim – Moonassi Drawings

Daehyun Kim - art

Daehyun Kim, known as Moonassi, is a Seoul-born illustrator and graphic designer based in Vienna. He creates incredible works with his signature technique of filling simple silhouettes with black ink. Small pieces of paper with simple tools are all he needs. Since 2008 he has been working on a series called Moonassi Drawing. These are mostly small sized pictures which are painted in black and white using pen, marker and occasionally brush. Daehyun studied fine arts at a university that specialized in Traditional East-Asian Art and Painting and it’s clear to see that this traditional practice has gone on to influence his work. The minimalistic drawings usually depict two characters, each representing opposing situations, ideas and minds, always dealing with people and their interactions. This series are somewhat suffocating in all of their blackness, and even in regards to the context of some of the images, the strategic use of white paper provides relief as well as a sort of release. “My work is changing, it’s in progress. As a whole, though, I don’t know what my work is about. I hope that one day I’ll be able to see the full picture,” he says.

Daehyun Kim - creatures of the deep Daehyun Kim - faces Daehyun Kim - gone face Daehyun Kim - heavy rain Daehyun Kim - hiding Daehyun Kim - searching Daehyun Kim - sinking of you Daehyun Kim - the value of suffering Daehyun Kim - tree


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