Daniel Arsham – Frozen in Movement

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 1

Daniel Arsham is a contemporary American artist raised born in 1980, Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Cooper Union, and received the Gelman Trust Fellowship Award in 2003. He creates works from two-dimensional work to installation, sculpture, performance and public art. Daniel’s installations and sculptures display abstract architectural and design elements, which somehow interact with the natural world. “I’m trying to create a space where the architecture appears to be in movement, “he says, “as if it is in the process of forming or deforming itself.” Daniel Arsham currently lives and works in New York.

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 2

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 3

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 4

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 5

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 6

Daniel Arsham Sculpture 7


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