Daniel Kornrumpf – Embroidered Portraits

Daniel Kornrumpf Embroidery Portrait 1

Daniel Kornrumpf is a true master with the needle. Massachusetts based fiber artist and painter has a BFA from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Daniel creates extraordinary embroidered portraits that look a lot like real paintings. Kornrumpf delicately threads natural skin tones and shades to replicate the organic human appearance. His attention to detail is exquisite, and each thread constitutes the unique texture and characteristic of the portrait. The intricacy and beauty of the material is a testament to the skill that Kornrumpf is able to fabricate with his approach. Even more surprising is the size of these amazing artworks. While they may look like giant paintings, in the close-up photos, in reality they are smallish creations, set against a large white background.

His work has been exhibited across the northeastern US states including shows at the Cambridge Art Association and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum.

Daniel Kornrumpf Embroidery Portrait 2

Daniel Kornrumpf Embroidery Portrait 3

Daniel Kornrumpf Embroidery Portrait 4

Daniel Kornrumpf Embroidery Portrait 5



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