Jason deCaires Taylor: Underwater Sculptures

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 1

These miraculous human figures are sculpted by Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason is an English sculptor born in 1974, he spent his youth diving the coral reefs of Malaysia where he developed a strong bond with the sea and nature, then as a teenager began a pursuit of art and graffiti. He is specialized in the creation of contemporary underwater sculptures which over time develop into artificial coral reefs. Taylor portrays how objects change in response to their environment and how we can live in a symbiotic relationship with nature. Human figures are housed beneath the ocean. The depth, colors, never-ending space, darkness and the feeling of loneliness, this is all so dramatic and beautiful at the same time. And there is the aim behind these artificial living creations – to discharge tourists away from the natural coral reef that are already suffering effects from global warming and overfishing, marine pollution and therefore providing the opportunity for rehabilitation.

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 2

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 3

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 4

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 5

Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture 6


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