Dara Scully – “your branches/my bones”

Dara Scully 1

Dara Scully is an amazing self-taught photographer born in 1989 in Spain. A long time ago, she found a magic mirror in the forest. She put it on the bark of a tree and it told her the story about love, loss and fidelity. Her latest series – “your branches/my bones” – is a black and white visual poem, a story about a girl and an ancient tree becoming one piece. The imagery is seized with melancholy. The main character is the author herself. She uses nudity to speak through the skin and bones, about fragility of fears and freedom. Dara Scully appreciates the freedom that comes with freelancing, freedom which lets her experiment and come to the results that she wants.

Dara Scully 2

Dara Scully 3

Dara Scully 4

Dara Scully 5

Dara Scully 6

Dara Scully 7

Dara Scully 8


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