Dolan Geiman – Folk Art Traditions

Dolan Geiman - a collage

Dolan Geiman is a mixed media artist born in 1977 in Hermitage, Virginia. He graduated with a BFA concentrating in sculpture, printmaking, and biology. Dolan creates stunning paper collages, original panel paintings, constructions, and limited-edition reproductions. Since childhood, Geiman has been collecting found materials, scraps from old textbooks and nature magazines, metal ornaments, wooden nickels, handwritten civil war love letters, etc. All these things find their way into his work which emerges from a folk art tradition infused with a contemporary, urban style. The farm, music, Americana, nature, flora and fauna are recurring themes of these creations. The artist is able to create an artwork that introduces a modern aesthetic while remaining true to its rustic roots.

Dolan Geiman - deer sculptureDolan Geiman - chief Dolan Geiman - corpse bride Dolan Geiman - wooden bird frameDolan Geiman - mixed mediaDolan Geiman - fox Dolan Geiman - native

One thought on “Dolan Geiman – Folk Art Traditions

  1. Hello, Hello,

    Wow! Many thanks for this terrific artist profile – we adore your site, as well. We’re very appreciative that you took the time to look into Dolan’s artwork and write this post. It means so much to us when folks spread the word about Dolan’s art!

    Thanks again + All best,
    Dolan and Ali Marie Geiman

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