Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj – Food Ingredients

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - fish

Images of beautifully arranged food ingredients by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj.  “It wasn’t until I was 23 that I decided to become a photographer. While in Dubai I had bought my first SLR camera, a Minolta of questionable quality, taking up photography as a hobby, and when faced with the challenge of “What to do now if not college?” I decided to move to Copenhagen to get an apprenticeship as a photographer. My approach to work is trying to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling. I let the formal shape and qualities of an object set the creative direction, and with high technical standards I strive to create beautiful images.”

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - eggs Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - fruit Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - vegetables Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj - pasta

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