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Dosshaus untitled

Dosshaus is a duo made up of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly. They first met in late 2010 and formed Dosshaus in October of 2011. “David Connelly has perfected the art of casual lounging and can look quite comfortable in a wide array of environs. In his spare time, David enjoys listening to electrical saws and hunting wild chimera. Zoey Taylor is the only two-time recipient of the prestigious Ian Brockwell-Casey International Spy of the Year award. When not embroiled in intrigue abroad, Zoey enjoys imaginary haberdashery and tending to a small family of miniature sheep.”

Dosshaus the_wrong_dinner Dosshaus the_writer open airze rato araa es Dosshaus tea_party Dosshaus what_music_can_do

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