DZO Olivier – Explorations of the Unconscious

DZO Olivier - a detail

DZO Olivier is a talented French artist creating meticulously detailed drawings. He started out as a graphic designer and later his love for creation grew into drawing that did not necessitate digital work. Olivier found his own ways of mixing different techniques and styles. These pieces are made with ink pen on paper without the use of pencils and erasers, which means that the artist creates instinctive drawings spontaneously, without initial sketches to follow. Every stroke, every line and every possible mistake may be an opportunity that can give life to an unexpected, unique artwork. Olivier renders textures that weave and grow out of one another, mimicking the patterns of tree roots and bird feathers. The drawings are filled with morbid elements, but the innards and skeletons become a part of the other organic forms – a stage in the regenerative cycle of life.

DZO Olivier - close DZO Olivier - couple skull DZO Olivier - details DZO Olivier - drawing DZO Olivier - la gioconda DZO Olivier - owl DZO Olivier - Ragnarok


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