Amy Judd – Sensitive Silent Moments

Amy Judd - art

Amy Judd is a London based artist creating portraits that are filled with beauty and mystery. Drawing inspiration from imaginative and enchanting relationship between women and birds found in traditional mythologies and folklores, she often uses feathers, wings, and butterflies in her stunning artwork. The paintings are full of whimsical intrigue; sometimes they are more seductive and surreal. The sensitive brushwork on the figure’s flesh complements the delicate pattern of the feathers, however the compositions are bold and strong, and the figures are not frail or delicate; the feathers allude to strength, flight and bravery, rather than fragility.

Amy Judd - beautiful wings Amy Judd - black wings Amy Judd - butterfly Amy Judd - circle Amy Judd - face Amy Judd - orange butterfly Amy Judd - painting Amy Judd - several Amy Judd - wings

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