Eiko Ojala – Tricky Shadows

Eiko Ojala - a hat

Eiko Ojala is an art director, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Tallinn, Estonia. He creates stunning three dimensional illustrations of landscapes and portraits. At the very first glance you might think you are looking at the layers of paper collaged together. However, each piece is actually drawn digitally. Eiko’s perfect use of shadow and light gives depth to his work. The placement of shadows is always the trickiest part – the artist sometimes photographs the shadows and incorporates them into his illustrations. “I like to do most of it digitally. I only use real paper to create the really difficult shadows,” he says.

Eiko Ojala - back Eiko Ojala - bear Eiko Ojala - body Eiko Ojala - butterflies Eiko Ojala - chair Eiko Ojala - face Eiko Ojala - girl Eiko Ojala - landscape Eiko Ojala - portrait


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