Vesna Pesik – Vibrant as Springtime

Vesna Pesic - a colorful fashion art

Vesna Pesic, aka BECHA, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Novi Sad, Serbia. She has a degree in Graphic Design but mostly she enjoys working with mixed media. “BECHA is Vesna in Cyrillic alphabet. It also means a “messenger” in Slavic and it is a name of a Slavic spirit associated with the springtime,” she says. So her works are as striking and vibrant as springtime. Vesna creates rather stimulating illustrations and collages. She also perfectly mixes her style with fashion. Her works send your mind to infinity and beyond as they are enriched with varied sources of inspiration, references, and periods. BECHA is a member of International collective dedicated to digital art, Depthcore. Her work is exhibited on many group exhibitions in Stockholm, London, NY, Belgrade, etc.

Vesna Pesic - ana ljubinkovic design Vesna Pesic - beauty Vesna Pesic - becha illustrations Vesna Pesic - fashion Vesna Pesic - goodbye Vesna Pesic - playing Vesna Pesic - silent spring

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