Elia Fernández – Illustrations

Elia Fernandez Art 1

Elia Fernández is a 24 year old illustrator from Den Haag, Netherlands. Her career began at the age of 2 when she started drawing. Since then she has constantly developed her skills. In 2009 Elia studied Fashion Design at the Fashion School but it did not seem to be her true calling. So she began to study illustration in Escuela de Arte, Madrid.

Elia Fernández likes everything that comes out of reality and some details that turn ordinary things into something different and dreamlike. Her most important work tools are a 48 pencil set, watercolours and Photoshop.  

Elia Fernandez Art 2

Elia Fernandez Art 3

Elia Fernandez Art 4

Elia Fernandez Art 5

Elia Fernandez Art 6


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