Jason Madara: Surreal Environments

Jason Madara - ABC Carpet & Home 1

Jason Madara is an American artist and photographer raised in Los Angeles. As a photographer, Madara continues to capture moments as performances – alive and visceral in their stillness. He was trained at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara and has practiced professionally across the globe. His art is both ordinary and extraordinary because of his nimble balance of lightness and darkness that reveals the pure beauty of everything he captures.

Madara’s proficiency is clearly shown in these images. ABC Carpet & Home has launched its latest rug collection which was captured by Madara’s exquisite sense of detail to give the photographs texture and life. The rugs were shot through a series of doors to produce mesmerizing painterly-like compositions with contrasting yet harmonious continuum of rich, beautiful colour. Madera with his exceptional sense of light and shadow transformed the space into a surreal environment, achieving the perfect balance of intensity between rugs and the walls.

Jason Madara - ABC Carpet & Home 2

Jason Madara - ABC Carpet & Home 3

Jason Madara - ABC Carpet & Home 4

Jason Madara - ABC Carpet & Home 5


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