Pierre Debusschere: Fashion in Motion

Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 1

Pierre Debusschere is a Belgian visual artist, photographer, director and curator. He has been in art school since the age of 14. When Pierre finished high school he decided with some of his friends to create atelier in the centre of Brussels. Currently there are 4 artists in the atelier – mixing mediums such as drawing, fashion, sculpture, music, film and photography.

In his artworks, Debusschere strives to create an emotional connection by combining both moving and still life elements. His photographs always present an abstract moment or a subject. Women and men in Pierre’s works look mysterious. Pierre likes working with videos because one can really focus on movement and rhythm, which are two of his most important subjects. He is a self-taught video artist. Here is one of his videos called “Holy Flowers – Fade into You”. Debusschere took the inspiration from developing the idea of the femininity in flowers.  And this beautiful model is Zuzanna Bijoch.


Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 2

Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 3

Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 4

Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 5

Pierre Debusschere - Holy Flowers 6


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