Ellen Jewett – The Grotesque Hybrids

Ellen Jewett - a swift cat

Ellen Jewett is a self-taught sculptor born in Ontario, Canada. In 2007 she completed her post-secondary education with honours in Biological Anthropology and Fine Art from McMaster University. She finds her inspiration in nature, science and discovery. Ellen sculpts incredible three-dimensional forms with the aesthetics of hyper-real, surreal, eccentric, and the grotesque. For her, sculpting has always been about life, biological narratives, emotions, and movement. There is both a mechanical and organic element to each creation, with multiple species in a single body. Working with polymer clay, home-made foam clay, and other mediums, Jewett creates a world of fantastical hybrid-animals, wolves, dragons, birds, and other creatures with incredible intricacy and details.

Ellen Jewett - butterfly frog Ellen Jewett - dapple kirin Ellen Jewett - lady coyote Ellen Jewett - octopus with fish Ellen Jewett - otter with mechanical wings Ellen Jewett - owl Ellen Jewett - petal deer Ellen Jewett - tall fox Ellen Jewett - wolf


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