Ewa Mos – Mixed Media

Ewa Mos - a mixed-media art

Ewa Mos is a young illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer born in Poland. Currently she lives and works in Birmingham, UK.  Ewa graduated from Fine Art School in Krakow and now she is studying Graphic Communication and Illustration at Birmingham City University. She has a quite unique mixed-media style while creating extraordinary imagery. There are a lot of weird things like colourful skulls, hearts, and octopus tentacles in her work. The artist loves to paint and take photographs but most of all she enjoys emerging illustration and photography together. All of her works are hand drawn and colorized digitally.

Ewa Mos - centaur Ewa Mos - girl and pig Ewa Mos - heart Ewa Mos - horns Ewa Mos - lion man Ewa Mos - mermaid Ewa Mos - octopus Ewa Mos - red dress Ewa Mos - smoking


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