Flóra Borsi’s Photo-Manipulations

Flora Borsi - a digital photography

Flóra Borsi is a 19 years old photographer and graphic designer from Budapest, Hungary. She usually takes conceptual photographs, self-portraits, and makes photo-manipulations. Flóra wants to make an image, which looks like a real, unedited photo. The essence of her work is to visualize physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation. So she went back in time to see the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, and Andy Warhol. The photographer showed herself in some of the most iconic photos of all time and captured the most important events of history. Taking her inspiration from a Charlie Chaplin’s movie, “The Circus”, Borsi writes,” I would like to shock people or make them smile with some society critics. My goal is to inspire the viewer to think and to feel what I have felt.” She has also created the real life models according to some of the most popular paintings. Flóra’s photographs are always emotional, dreamy, and humorous.

Flora Borsi - girl Flora Borsi - green hat Flora Borsi - Modigliani Flora Borsi - ship portrait

Flora Borsi - in the bus Flora Borsi - on the set Flora Borsi - with Andy Warhol Flora Borsi - with Elvis Flora Borsi - with Harold Lloyd Flora Borsi - with Marilyn Monroe Flora Borsi - with the Beatles


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