Estela Cuadro – Exquisitely Eccentric Embodiments

Estela Cuadro - blue shaman

Estela Cuadro is a talented artist and illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mixing different techniques, she creates surreal world of colors with a psychedelic touch, inhabited by strange and beautiful creatures. Painting is a need for her influenced by a strong passion that constantly deepens her being. The things that inspire her are nature and music. Music always takes her to an introspective world, motivating and nourishing her imagination, while nature wakes up her senses. There are two stages in each of her artworks: the first one goes hand-in-hand with rational thinking and another is established through a spontaneous part of the creative process. Rational thinking is a pre-chromatic design stage which is not an easy task. When Estela begins creating shapes, different ideas appear unpredictably and she creates beautiful embodiments, objects and animals from the

Estela Cuadro - entre perros y gatos Estela Cuadro - illustration Estela Cuadro - levitando Estela Cuadro - nevado Estela Cuadro - otra mujer coqueta Estela Cuadro - saltando en el ocaso Estela Cuadro - snakes Estela Cuadro - two Estela Cuadro - velada de

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