Tamara Feijoo – Part of Nature

Tamara Feijoo - an illustration

Tamara Feijoo is an artist from Galicia, Spain. She creates stunning gouache paintings in which humans are strongly connected with nature, often they are surrounded with birds, flowers, leaves etc. Tamara’s illustrations speak of our position in this world – an irrational fear of untamed nature and the fascination or repulsion that can lead us. She is inspired by the 19th century Romanticism. It gives her a sense of vertigo, vastness and of being conquered by a sublime beauty.

Tamara Feijoo - birds Tamara Feijoo - floral Tamara Feijoo - flower Tamara Feijoo - hair and flowers Tamara Feijoo - nest Tamara Feijoo - portrait Tamara Feijoo - tree on hand


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