Ever Blossoming Life – Gold by teamLab

teamLab - EverBlossomingLife

“The image of this digital artwork is being created and drawn in real time by a computer program. The images are not pre-recorded nor played back. Flowers are born, grow and blossom in profusion before the petals begin withering and flowers die and disappear. The cycle of birth and death repeats itself, continuing for eternity and never duplicating previous states.” teamLab is a group of Ultra-technologists based in Tokyo, Japan. They create works through “experimentation and innovation” making the borders between Art, Science, and Technology, more Ambiguous.


teamLab - EverBlossomingLife_gold_03 teamLab - EverBlossomingLife_gold_02 teamLab - EverBlossomingLife_gold_04 teamLab - EverBlossomingLife_gold_05

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