Fabienne Rivory – Recollections in Colors

Fabienne Rivory - art

Fabienne Rivory is a French artist and photographer making stunning artwork which is a mixture of watercolor paints and photographs.  In the art project, titled Labokoff, she loves to explore how our memories and imagination are connected to reality. The images are built around photographs that are picked from her personal collection: nature, landscapes and silhouettes. Then she adds different colors of gouache or ink, bringing vibrancy, simplicity, and poetic vision. “These are dreamed images trying to recreate a momentary emotion that anyone can feel in front of nature’s beauty, a particular architectural shape, a landscape passing by or the silhouette of a beloved one,” she says.

Fabienne Rivory - green Fabienne Rivory - red water Fabienne Rivory - red watercolor Fabienne Rivory - rice field Fabienne Rivory - trees down Fabienne Rivory - walk in blue Fabienne Rivory - watercolors


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