Giles Miller Studio – Pixel-like Surface Designs

Giles Miller Studio - a surface design

Giles Miller Studio is located in Spitalfields, in the heart of London’s creative East end. It specialises in truly innovative interior design projects and surface designs that deploy sculptural relief-like techniques. Most of the tiles are sourced within the United Kingdom, and the surfaces are assembled by hand. With a reputation for high-quality, the studio offers visually stunning surface designs that consist of small equal pixel-like elements which are usually wood, metal or ceramic tiles. The surfaces do not always look the same; when places at varying angles, they react to light in interesting ways, creating different images and shapes.

Giles Miller Studio - design Giles Miller Studio - gold surface Giles Miller Studio - interior design Giles Miller Studio - surface design wood Giles Miller Studio - textile design Giles Miller Studio - two colors Giles Miller Studio - white surface

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