Our Exquisite Corpse – Beaded Art

Our Exquisite Corpse - a beaded art

Our Exquisite Corpse artist Catherine Martin creates incredibly intricate beaded skulls using traditional symbols and decorations. Each beautifully patterned and brightly colored skull is uniquely different from each other, featuring amazing craftsmanship. During a trip to Mexico, Catherine discovered the beading skills of a Mexican tribe called Huichol and fell in love with the beaded objects. She managed to communicate with this very private tribe with the help of her friend and luckily brought their beautifully beaded skulls over. After two more visits she took a step further and is now developing her own designs for the skulls which are hand-beaded by the best of the Huichol artists. With the help of these amazing people, Catherine created beaded skulls, a huge padded moose head, Mexican paper-mache masks and even a beaded giraffe.

Our Exquisite Corpse - beaded giraffe Our Exquisite Corpse - beaded kull Our Exquisite Corpse - bull head Our Exquisite Corpse - from above Our Exquisite Corpse - profile beaded skull Our Exquisite Corpse - skull eyes Our Exquisite Corpse - skull Our Exquisite Corpse - skulls


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