Gráinne McHugh – Mistakes, Riffs and Quirks

Gráinne McHugh - a doll

Gráinne McHugh is an Irish artist currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Mainly working with clay, she creates ambiguous figures ranging from cute, beautiful and fun to ironic and discomposed. Her main obsession is her ever-growing series of “every-woman doll heads.” She is a self-taught artist finding the textures of an odd button, a soiled doily and throwaway scrap inspirational. Gráinne describes her work as a series of mistakes, riffs and quirks.  “They have become little friends who have a habit of leaving my Woodstock Exchange studio. Who knows where they all are now,” she says.

Gráinne McHugh - nails Gráinne McHugh - face Gráinne McHugh - dreads Gráinne McHugh - clown nose Gráinne McHugh - cheeks Gráinne McHugh - catwoman Gráinne McHugh - bunny

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