Anna Edwards – Characters from Unfinished Stories

Anna Edwards - a woman

Anna Edwards, also known as Avian Eidolon, is an illustrator and digital artist residing in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a recent graduate of the Memphis College of Art with a BFA in Design Arts with a concentration in Illustration and a Minor in Art History. She also received an Area Excellence Awards in Illustration upon graduation. Anna has been drawing since her childhood, but she became really obsessive about it shortly after she was introduced to anime. She started experimenting with watercolor when she went in junior high and it is still her favorite traditional media to work with. The artist started digital painting when a friend introduced her to Oekaki and Adobe Photoshop. So her works are strongly influenced by Japanese art, anime, and fantasy. Most of her illustrations are based on characters that are in a story she keeps writing and never finishing.

Anna Edwards - arrow Anna Edwards - braid Anna Edwards - dragon Anna Edwards - night Anna Edwards - storm is coming Anna Edwards - the silver doe Anna Edwards - woman eidolon hawk

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